Diferencias entre -on time, in time, at the end, in the end-

on time, in time, at the end, in the end,

seguramente mas de uno se ha podido equivocar sobre en que momento usar esas expresiones ya que son muy parecidas, espero que este articulo aclare tus dudas

On time

Significa: puntual, no llegar tarde.

Ejemplos: The plane left on time (a la hora que debía hacerlo)

Please! Be on time for the meeting (a la hora acordada)

In time

Significa: lo suficientemente a tiempo para algo o para hacer algo

Ejemplos: I’ve sent the letter last week. I hope it arrives in time (a tiempo)

She wants to get home in time to have dinner with her family ( lo

suficientemente a tiempo para cenar)

At the end

Significa: En el momento en que algo termina

Ejemplos: at the end of the match, at the end of the movie, at the end of

the year, at the end of March, etc

They are going on holidays at the end of July

At the end of the class I had a party

In the end

Significa: Finalmente, lo usamos para decir cuál es el resultado final de una


Ejemplos: I have a lot of problems with my new flat. In the end I have to

sell it and buy another one.

Silvia didn’t know where to go. In the end she decided to go to Bahamas.

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